Why take a vacation?

getting a tan together at Blue Paradise DR

The first reason that comes to my mind is “Well why the hell not?’. Do we really need a reason? If this is the case, I can list a million!

Personally, I sit in my office and daydream about being on an isolated beach, while a bartender keeps the mojitos coming… My dream is shattered as the phone calls snap me back to reality. My beautiful sunshine has turned to dirty white snow. I continue my day from meeting to meeting, with the beach still in the back of my mind. I decide to look further into it and find Blue Paradise.

This is what my mind has fantasized for a while now! Beachfront, All inclusive, beautiful girls and sun! I really don’t have to talk myself into it anymore after seeing photos of the sexy girls. Are they really there just for me? Do they really look like that (I wonder). This is all confirmed after one quick call and I feel quite at ease with my decision. I continue my monotonous day with a smile, feeling the sun on my face and sand on my feet.

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