Why Men Need and Deserve Sexual Release

Why Men Need and Deserve Sexual Release Sex Vacation Blue Paradise DR.jpg

Gentlemen, we’re animals. Truly. There’s no point trying to hide that or resist it. It’s in our DNA. As animals, we have basic needs that require our attention, such as food, water, shelter, and air. We also have carnal desires, and these can be just as strong. Why try to fight our basic instincts? We should accept and celebrate them. Here’s what you have to understand about your sex drive and your brain.

The Male Sex Drive

Your sex drive, meaning your libido, exists in two areas of your brain that are responsible for higher function, such as thought. There’s no escaping the chemistry of your brain. This part of our brain can be so strong that simply dreaming about sex and a sexual experience can cause us to orgasm. But where’s the fun in just dreaming about it? Our longing and what we crave can also change day-by-day, depending on hormones and stress levels. For instance, your testosterone levels are higher in the morning, which is why you may crave play when you first wake up. When you’re watching a game or competing with a friend, your alpha male is fighting through, causing you to crave rough sex and control. When your dopamine levels are up, if your adrenaline has been pumping, you need sensation and touch. And if work has been causing you stress and anxiety, you need someone to completely take care of and serve you. Instead of fighting these human urges, why not simply own them? Here’s how.

Blue Paradise DR

When you’ve embraced what you cannot control and booked a sex vacation through Blue Paradise DR, get ready to satisfy all your carnal desires. This is your ultimate playground, where you can explore your animalistic side and get what you want. When you want it. Our beachfront, Caribbean resort has been serving men’s needs since 2009. We offer luxurious accommodations with private restaurants, open bars, and your every need discreetly catered to. All you have to do is book your vacation, pick a package, and select your companion.

What To Expect

Wake up in your luxurious private suite, with a view of the ocean and a beautiful girl in your bed. Hungry for something quick and dirty against the wall? Your companion is too, and breakfast can wait. Next explore your seaside resort, take a dip in the pool with a drink, and maybe grab another companion. Life has been stressful this year, and your work has been challenging, so maybe bring your playmates back to your room and let them take care of you. You deserve it, you want it, and you can have it. Hangout for a few nights, or make it a week, and revel in what all your hard work has bought you. Oh, and don’t forget the gourmet food, endless top-shelf cocktails, and heavenly atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Men, we can’t help what’s in our DNA.  Our levels of testosterone send signals to our brain that influence our sex drive and urge us to act. We require different types of sex at different times during the day, depending on our hormones. That’s just our nature. We might as well embrace and indulge in these desires. Booking a vacation with Blue Paradise DR is the perfect way to indulge in our primal instincts, while also relaxing and letting our stresses and anxieties float away. You work hard all year, and this year has been particularly stressful. You deserve this. Contact us today and see what you’ve been missing.

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