What makes a great sex resort

refreshing times at Blue Paradise DR

Most people would think that having a great sex resort is easy.  Get a location, find the companions and the clients/guests automatically line up at the door!  Unfortunately like all other businesses it’s just not as easy as the saying….. “if you build it they will come“.

Blue Paradise has been around and steadily growing each consecutive year for the past 8+ years now.  We would be the first to tell you that it is not easy!  We have had our generous amounts of errors and ups and downs, but the best thing is that it has led us to learn the hard way on how to become one of the best all inclusive erotic sex resorts in the Caribbean.  You see…we have learned that it takes a lot more then just finding a location…you have to find a great location.

With our private beach front location nestled in the beautiful island side of the Dominican Republic called Cabarete, typical year round weather of 88 degrees, clear blues skies and clear blue waters, it’s no wonder why we consider this “Blue” Paradise and a great location.

We also understand that a beautiful location alone is not enough.  That is why we have a full staff that maintains and keeps clean our resort from the landscaping with our plush greenery and tropical island palm trees, to our modern air conditioned fully functional villas and bungalows.

We always make sure we have the best in staff.  Starting from our landscapers, security guards, host, bartenders and all the way down to the people you don’t see who handle our administrative work.

Finally we get to the beautiful companions.  Having beautiful companions is a given, but having the RIGHT companions treating your guests is the secret.  Our companions are not only hot beautiful latinas, but they all have great attitudes.  Ladies that you can get to know really well and are all about making sure you have a great time.

Our girls know how to make you feel special, with no attitudes or ever feeling pressure.  They understand our guests are there to have a good time but to also relax and release.  With over 50+ girls on call for us who love to work in the environment we have created, finding either the right one or the one for right now is never a problem at BP.

Blue Paradise strives to make this experience one of the best vacations you have ever had and hopefully make you a repeat visitor as so many of our guests are now.  Do not find it usual if one of our staff pulls you aside and asks if everything is ok or how we could make your stay better. Do not find it unusual if you hear a knock on your villa door and our staff is checking if you have enough clean towels or if you are in need of anything.

And DEFINITELY do not find it unusual if you hear a knock on your door and it is a beautiful latina asking if she can come in! At the end of the day we understand that what truly makes Blue Paradise a paradise is the attention to service your needs.  If we exceed your expectations then we know we did our job as being a great sex resort.  We look forward in seeing you soon!