Things To Do In The Dominican Republic

things to do in the dominican republic

Alright! Your flight arrived on time and so did your luggage. You hailed a cab and found a funky little hotel to spend your holiday. Now it’s time to put together your sightseeing itinerary. That’s right, you can’t just lounge around the hotel lobby watching sports on the TV. You are in the Dominican Republic.

You have to get outside and experience the flora and fauna first-hand. Just remember to carry some bug spray, water and easy to carry snacks and your camera. Here’s a quick look at some of the best things to do in the Dominican Republic.

Costa del Coco

If you are looking to hang out with other tourists you are in luck. The “Coconut Coast” runs about 40-miles and contains beaches as far as the eye can see along with hotels, villas, cool spots to grab a drink. If you want to see as much sea, sand, and coconut trees as possible in a single location, this will be your first stop. The water is inviting and warm, which adds to the appeal.

Santo Domingo

Sooner or later the sand and surf are going to be enough and you’ll crave some shopping and snooping time. This city of about two million people is a beehive of activity and offers anything you intend to spend money on. Expect a wide variety of offerings ranging from upscale to stripped down, often next to each other. You’ll find many adventures in this city.

The Dominican Alps

Let’s say you are looking for unusual things to do in the Dominican Republic. Well, the Cordillera Central mountain range is miles away from the tropical heat of the big cities and present you with all nature has to offer. You’ll be able to munch on wild strawberries as you wander through protected national parks filled with streams, valleys, and miles of trails.

 La Isabela Bay

Suppose you are on the hunt for some historic adventures. Well, this is going to be a virtual goldmine for you simply because this region dates back to 1493. That was when Christopher Columbus stopped by, established a town and, as they say, the rest is history. There are excavated ruins of that city to explore and much in the way of history to learn while here.

Las Terrenas

If you happen to be traveling alone, this is a great city to hang your hat while in the Dominican Republic. The tourist development here leans heavily on guesthouses and restaurants that are designed specifically to cater to solo visitors. That doesn’t mean you won’t see others here. In fact, you could meet your next backpacking partner or someone to enjoy a dinner with.

La Romana

If you travel to the DR, you haven’t really seen the country until you visit this city. It is home to the largest sugar mill in the region and is dedicated to the cutting, milling and exporting of that product. Call it one of the unusual things to do in the Dominican Republic but the folks back home will envy you when you show off the bag of sugar you brought home with you.

 Puerto Plata

The “Silver Port” sits in a stunning location along the Atlantic Ocean. It has a history that dates back to 1495 and has been developed into a tourism Mecca over the past 50 years or so. What makes this a key stop on your holiday is that it has Victorian-era architecture, galleries, and fine dining establishments. If you are looking for a vibe from bygone days, you’ll find it here.


This is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. However, it is a whole lot more laid back than the frenzy you’ll discover in Santo Domingo. In other words, if you want all the things a big city has to offer but can do without the stress and such, this is your place. There are some great museums and points of interest here as well to give you extra things to see and do.

Zona Colonial

The last stop on our list contains the tightest grouping of some of the oldest colonial buildings in the Western Hemisphere. The “Colonial Zone” is a square mile of quaint streets filled with shaded squares, shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is located in the city of Santo Domingo and will surely be a highlight of your time spent in this part of Central America.

There Is A Lot To See And Do In The Dominican Republic

We didn’t even get around to mentioning the culture, food or anything else but trust us on this…if you ever get a chance to spend any time in the Dominican Republic, you won’t be bored. The welcoming atmosphere and kind attitudes will be what will attract you and inspire you to visit places that may not be high on the list of tourist attractions. The best way to find some of these unusual things to do in the Dominican Republic is to ask around. The locals will welcome you into their homes and at their tables. Expect to be fed well and treated even better.

You will soon find that the one thing that never appears on a “Must Do” list from the DR is to embrace the culture by getting to know some of the people around you. Not only will you see the country from a different perspective, you’ll also experience things that those visitors on a tour bus or all-inclusive holiday package won’t. There’s a lot to see and do in the Dominican Republic only some of the best parts are not on a map or written in a tour guide. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration to venture out and see some of the countries on your own.