The Girls of Blue Paradise Love Oral Sex

the girls of blue paradise love giving oral sex

Gentlemen, you are in luck. The girls of Blue Paradise love giving blow-jobs. Both the beautiful Latina and European girls want to satisfy you and enjoy pampering their men. There is no greater delight for them than to give you an ecstatic experience. And that is very lucky for you! Imagine a beautiful woman on her knees, wanting to please you. Your heart is already hammering in its chest. We are going to let the girls of Blue Paradise tell you in their own words why they love orally delighting their men so much!

(* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our ladies)

Samantha* (Latina)

“I just love making my man happy. I know that he works so much when he’s not here. He’s exhausted when he comes to Blue Paradise and wants to get away from his troubles and his worries. There’s nothing I love more than taking my man for good food, giving him something tasty to treat, and then pleasuring him with my mouth. Even when my man is too tired for sex, I like to gratify him with my mouth. That release helps him sleep and keep his stress levels in check.”

Julie* (European)

“Everything about it is exciting! I love making a man moan. I love hearing his voice when he climaxes. I love being in control of his experience. I love telling him to relax and let me do this for him. I love the feeling of him inside my mouth. I love feeling him enlarge in my mouth as he becomes more excited! I love the intimate connection that we form. And I love the taste of him when he finishes.”

Valentina* (Latina)

“I always enjoyed the feeling of giving joy to my partner with oral, but only in the past few years did I grow to love it as much as I do. If I am thinking about sex, it is about blow jobs. If I am having sex (not always but most of the time), I think about giving him head. It is absolutely my number one desire when I have sex, right now. I love taking him in my mouth the most and all the other frills that go with it. But light teasing sessions are also really great. The slow build-up for both of us is very exciting. I don’t really know why I like oral sex so much. I just really like to do it, but I’ve also never really had any complaints, so I just don’t worry about it.”

Isla* (European)

“Guys have this macho image where they try to appear all cool even during sex. That all fades when I give him a blow job. I get a super responsive reaction from him in this activity more than any other with minimal effort or personal distraction. It makes a girl feel sexy and so more likely to want more. There’s also a sense of satisfaction in knowing you’re giving so much satisfaction.”

The girls of Blue Paradise truly love giving their men rapture with their bodies. They know you work hard, and they want you to enjoy yourself and relax totally. They understand that part of rest and relaxation is receiving oral sex. At Blue Paradise, we engage all your senses, the view from the majestic beach. The sound of your lady moaning in pleasure as she gratifies you, the smell of the tangy salt air, the taste of our delicious food, and of course, the feeling of our beautiful women’s mouth all over you. Blue Paradise girls are experts in making a man feel good, and they know how to delight you in every single way. This is your chance to live like a king. To have the most beautiful women you have ever seen living only to serve you. If you are ready to live the fantasy of your life, contact us to book a vacation now.

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