Skin Hunger: Humans Need Physical Contact

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Remember the days of a casual hookup? Of going to a bar with some friends and meeting someone new to spend the night with? Or even just a few hours with? This pandemic and being forced to stay at home has certainly taught me an important lesson. I miss touch. My skin is hungry for sensation and attention. Humans aren’t wired to go without physical contact, it’s bad for our physical and mental health. When our bodies are in a state of anxiety, such as our current situation, the stress hormone cortisol is released. The easiest and most beneficial solution to easing cortisol is touch. Physical contact helps reduce the stress hormone and allows our immune systems to work properly and our bodies to regulate. Our bodies need to touch and to feel, and our brain needs the stimulation that comes from another person. The bottom line is, I’m hungry for physical contact. Hell, I want a blowjob. I want a quickie. I want to put my arms around someone sexy and feel every sensation I possibly can. I’ve been forced to work from home, and conduct meetings through the phone. I haven’t been able to go to restaurants, enjoy a concert, attend a large gathering of friends, or travel anywhere. We’re not meant to be cooped up for such a long amount of time. Lately, I find myself daydreaming about a vacation I took last summer. It’s getting hard to think about anything else.

My Last Trip

I had the pleasure of experiencing Blue Paradise DR last July, when travel was again safe and encouraged. I was a bit nervous, if I’m being honest, but booked a Euro Package and let myself open up to opportunity and new experiences. I thought I would have a pretty good time, I mean what’s not to like? I didn’t realize just how amazing the experience would be. The second I stepped off the plane and arrived at the resort, I knew. They name of the resort was completely spot on. This was paradise. This was nirvana. The resort is luxurious, the girls are welcoming, fun and wild, and the atmosphere is simply heaven. Everything was safe, sexy, and I was completely pampered.

Blue Paradise DR makes planning your vacation as easy as possible. This is important for me, as planning a trip often includes tons of stress. They talk you through the whole process via email or phone, or you can even conduct a Zoom meeting. You then pay a small deposit, send them your flight information as a form of conformation, and look for your VIP sign when you get off the plane. They take care of the rest. The resort is breathtaking and you’re immediately able to mingle with and choose your companion. Then, it’s just fun, sex, and food for the rest of your stay.  I’m going crazy just thinking about it.

My Next Trip

I knew before I even left, that booking another trip wasn’t even an option for me. I was hooked. Well, I miss touch, I miss play, and at this point I’m greedy for it. As soon as I possibly can, I’m booking my next trip and package.  I think this time I think I’m going for the VIP experience, because I want two playmates. I deserve them for waiting so long.

Book a sex vacation with Blue Paradise DR as soon as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

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