Pre-Selecting your erotic vacation companions: Good or bad idea?

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Many of you may wonder when is the best time to choose your companion. Before arrival or upon arrival to Blue Paradise?

There is no right or wrong answer as no matter when or where, you will surely be satisfied with your decision. With our variety of beautiful young ladies, the hardest part becomes choosing just one!We always recommend having a preview on our girls page, as well as Instagram.

Once you have decided on a certain lady you are able to verify if she will be available during your visit. Some clients really like this method as they are certain who they will be with for their stay. If you prefer this method please do not select just one girl. Chose two or three as you never know what can come up and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

Most of our clients prefer to chose upon arrival. One of the perks in visiting Blue Paradise is there is never a line-up and you’re never committed to your selected companion. Upon arrival each guest is able to meet and mingle with all the ladies in a cool, and easy going atmosphere.

You are then able to choose your companion not only on her looks, but on personality and chemistry as well. In case you vibe with more than one (almost always the case) you are able to exchange your companion on a daily or even coupon basis. We find this strategy has always worked marvelously. As you will see there is never a shortage of beautiful women in our Paradise….

Now for the real insiders tip to having the best time at Blue Paradise!

We can’t even count the amount of times a client came down with one girl on his mind and then end up not getting a chance to be with them because they got hooked on someone else. There is something about chemistry that always takes over.

What we really suggest is to look at our girls page as if you were pre-selecting but just tell us what TYPE of girl you like.

  • Dark Skin?
  • Light Skin?
  • Big Boobs?
  • Small Boobs?
  • Petite?
  • Voluptuous?
  • Outgoing?
  • Reserved?

With this information we can select girls we think you will like and instead of having one girl of your choice you will end up with many! Upon arrival you can get to know the girls individually and decide when the time is right. It’s the ultimate method to making sure your vacation is the best it could possibly be!