Pre Bachelor Party Test-Run

stag party at blue paradise dr

So this past weekend was another typical weekend at BP, but thanks to these two cousins that showed up, it quickly became another weekend for the history books!  We can only imagine what the bachelor party is going to be like!

We had two guests arrive this past weekend.  Right off the bat we knew these guys knew how to have a good time and knew what exactly they were looking for.  The reason is because they decided to show up to BP BEFORE the bachelor party of one of the two cousins to see if BP met their standards.

They showed up on a Thursday and were departing on Sunday.  One of the two cousins is getting married soon and wanted to give BP a “test-run” beforehand…..we made sure they got the full BP VIP treatment.  Upon arrival our two guests had 8 girls to choose from between both of them, the girls were dressed in their most beautiful matching sequence bikinis.

Of course the drinks were already waiting for them and they did not hesitate to begin the party.  The guys showed up just in time for our BBQ lunch special of chicken, ribs, corn on the cobb, rice, salad and much more!  After having lunch with the girls and getting acquainted with everyone, they decided it was time to enter the jacuzzi.

Now for all of you that have been to BP before….we allllll have stories about the jacuzzi!  The jacuzzi for some reason is a magical destination that all types of things happen.  For the ones that have not visited us yet, too bad because what happens at BP stays at BP!

But just to give you an idea….we grabbed a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne with all 8 chicas and showed them just how big and wild their bachelor party can get.  Time was flying by so fast that they hardly even noticed that 3 big bottles of champagne had been finished already!

Who cares though…its all included in our packages!  Needless to say by the end of the third bottle each of them were feeling like kings and decided to each take four chicas a piece back to their rooms.  These guys are champs!  The following day was an excursion day to the river, throughout the day the cousins decided to pace themselves and enjoy the company of the girls plus take in the enjoyment of being on a mini vacation on a beautiful tropical island.

Don’t get me wrong though…the cousins enjoyed their drinks throughout the day and their companionships with our beautiful models but something told me that they were just recharging their batteries for another epic day!  With that being said we retreated back to the villas enjoyed a very tasty dinner and everyone went back to their rooms with their companion of the night.

It was one of those days that we like to refer to around here as “relax and release”.  So Saturday came along and boy were my suspicions right!  The cousins knew it was their last full day and night at BP and they sure planned on taking full advantage of it.  We spent the entire day lounging in and around the pool, drinking, playing and just enjoying ourselves with all of the BP models.

The girls dressed up in their playboy bunny outfits and even put on a show for the cousins.  What a show it was!  I don’t know what it is but I ALWAYS enjoy watching these shows!  They are always trying to outdo one another and that just always leads to some very erotic visionary pleasure.

Once the night began to fall we had dinner and decided it was time to hit the clubs on the strip of Cabarete.  Our favorite is always Ojos and they are always expecting us with our guests.  Once set up in the VIP section and everyone had their drinks, the party really started!  Mind you we were all feeling very happy from enjoying the day back at the pool.  I gotta tell you that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming and really living the life.

After the last bottle service came and went it was time to crawl…I mean get back to Blue Paradise and make the vacation cum to an end.  It’s been a few days now that the cousins left and the girls are still talking about them.  They really enjoyed themselves as well as the cousins themselves.  Needless to say….the bachelor party is already booked.

I can only imagine what stories we will have once that weekend arrives.  Until then we sit here staring at the ocean with a cold Presidente beer, getting a massage in the famous jacuzzi making memories with a new group of guests that just arrived.  Life is hard….but only if you make it!