Why People of the Dominican Republic Are So Cool

people of the dominican republic

Thinking of an extended vacation in Central America? One place you truly have to plan on visiting and spending additional time in is the Dominican Republic. Some may say it’s the climate that attracts them. Others may say it’s the scenery. What they aren’t telling you is that the real reason why travelers spend more time in the Dominican Republic than anywhere else in Central America is simply that of the people who inhabit the region. Here are some reasons why Dominican Republic people are so freakin’ cool.

1 – They Are Some Of The Most Polite People You Will Ever Meet

Sure, it’s easy to say that politeness is an obvious trait that you quickly notice when interacting with Dominicans. But what you may not actually realize is that etiquette is sort of woven into the cultural fabric of the people there. We’re not just talking about being nice to you. The whole idea about being well-mannered is a sign of respect to the average Dominican. It also shows in the way they dress. In fact, the people of the Dominican Republic see appearance and clothing as signs of high self-esteem and great confidence. Should you find, yourself actually staying in the home of a family, be prepared to be pampered. The house rules always point to catering to every need of a visitor.

2 – They Are Generous To A Fault With Gifts of All Kinds

Everyone likes presents! In the Dominican Republic, every day can be a lot like Christmas if you really wanted it to be. Again, as part of the culture, gifts are a standard tool used in several ways throughout the country. Primarily, if you are a guest of a local resident, it is proper protocol to bring a gift. Expect it to be opened right away so be wise with your gift selection. On the topic of gift-giving, there are a couple of rules to keep in mind in order to fit in a little better with this custom. Do not under any circumstances give gifts that are either black or purple in color. Those are considered mourning colors. Plus, if you are involved in any kind of business transaction, you seal the deal afterward by giving a gift.

3 – They Are So Creative That It Will Probably Blow Your Mind

Arts and culture are so closely knit in the Dominican culture that you’ll be amazed at the creative displays you will encounter. This means there are going to be countless celebrations, festivals, and events that may appear to be surfacing at random wherever you go. It’s all because the Dominican Republic people are huge on arts. So much so, that schools and several cultural sites are held in high regard. Art also has become a cottage industry within the country with handmade products being sold at markets anywhere you go. The best part about that is none of the folk art being sold at these events will have a tag somewhere stating “Made in China” simply because Dominicans take their art very, very seriously and share it whenever and wherever possible.

4 – They Really Dig Moving To The Sound of Music

Here’s something you really need to know about Dominicans. They like to bust a move and they like to do it sometimes all night long. That’s because music and dancing are like national pastimes and time-honored traditions that get passed down from generation to generation. We’re not just talking about the hot and steamy moves the ladies tend to gyrate towards once their dancing vibes start to kick into gear. The guys are as proficient in dance and well, let’s just say if you found yourself in an impromptu party with locals jamming, it will likely be one of the highlights of your stay.

5 – They Look At Family As Being The Most Solid Foundation To A Good Life

As is the case in many different cultures, the family unit is of great importance. For Dominicans, this is also true. The stability that comes from the family unit is the basis of many different things to the average Dominican. There’s safety, security, support, assistance, love, acceptance and the list goes on and on. It is common for multiple generations of the same family to either live together or at least live very close to each other. Marry into one of these families and you will be set for life in many different ways.

6 – They Will Makes Sure You Are Never Along or Lonely

This has a lot more to do about the general attitude that surrounds the average Dominican. Yes, the ladies are there and you will likely find it easy to hook up or just find someone to spend time with if you happen to be traveling on your own. Otherwise, expect to make a lot of new friends wherever you go. Outgoing, friendly, approachable and inviting are words that describe the kind of traits you will discover in Dominicans. It doesn’t matter which gender, either. The guys and the girls are equals on this playing field. The same extends to older generations as well. Make a friend and you’ll be treated like family by everyone you encounter in the same household.

With All Of This Extra Knowledge, What Are You Waiting For?

It’s true. There is very little that can be said about the people of the Dominican Republic that could be considered negative or bad. They are artistic entrepreneurs that are independent but dependant on a solid family foundation. They have hearts that are as big as their smiles. Once you visit the Central American country the first time, you will want to keep coming back simply based on how you get treated while in the region. You will be well taken care of, welcomed with open arms, fed, entertained and without lack of company or companionship. The Dominican Republic culture is multi-leveled but makes sense once you get fully immersed into it.