Novice first encounter with BP by Marsman

first time visit at Blue Paradise

Instead of us posting a blog about BP this week we wanted to let one of our first time guests tell you all about BP:

I have now returned from my first trip to Blue Paradise.  Thank you for what was one of the best, if not the best, vacations that I have ever had.  Please accept my true gratitude for making this possible.

When I was preparing to leave, Freddy sat down with me to ask how things had gone, and what could be done better or changed. I say this with all honesty:

I cannot think of anything that you could change to make the experience better.  The resort itself is simply beautiful.  The location is simply perfect.  It is a world unto itself.  A divine world.  The rooms are very nice.

They are very functional (everything that I would need or want), totally clean, and the housekeeping staff is very attentive (one of my days was very busy with several companions, and about mid-way through the day, the maid gently knocked on my door with four clean towels (how did she know that we had already used our six towels??).

The food, well, the food is truly gourmet.  I expected good food.  But this was exceptional, world-class food.  The bar staff was very attentive.  And truly fun (one night when all of the other guests were gone to their rooms, the bar staff kept the party going, and the two evening bar ladies and Alexander were dancing — just simply showing their joy of living).

Everyone and everything contributes to a perfect experience.  Again, I wish that I could help you with at least one recommendation, but I really have no idea what could be changed to make the experience better.  Truly.

The companions.  Ahhh, yes.  The companions.  I expected pretty ladies.  But I did not expect gorgeous models who have world-winning attitudes.  Every one of them was at least an “8” or “9” (on a scale of 10).  Most were 10’s !!  They were simply fun, nice, sweet people.  Several afternoons they would gather with one or more guests and play dominoes.  What fun !!  There was NEVER any pressure fro.  M the girls (“baby, you want sucky-sucky”) as there is at some of the resorts in the area.

It was clear that they were available, but they were also available to make small talk, or to play dominoes, or to linger with over breakfast or lunch.  They were beautiful young women with great attitudes, who were also incredible in the bed.

I did “wife up” with Claritza (she was with me all 4 nights for all night, and I gave her a day pass my final 3 days so that she could be with me all day).  But I bought a number of additional all-night and day passes.  I lost count somehow, but I think that I used up 12 or 13 days passes.

And a few extra night passes too.  I enjoyed time with companions such as Yennifer/Jennifer (my very first companion — WHAT A SWEET HEART), Claritza, Cristel, Maria, Yera, and too many more to count.