My Blue Paradise Experience: A clients tale!

Larry's testimonial for blue paradise dr

t’s been three days since I left the resort and all I can say is WOW! Six months ago I never would have believed that such a place existed. Blue Paradise exceeded all my expectations by 10 times. I have a smile on my face that just won’t seem to go away.

I was a little bit apprehensive about what I would find when I got there, I had done my homework but still wasn’t sure. There was a little mix up at the airport that all increased my nervousness. That was all taken care of and I was soon heading to the resort. As soon the the van pulled through the gate and I could see that all was just like pictured on the web site I began to relax.

It was here that I was introduced to Freddie. Mister can do! Freddie will take care of anything you need at the resort. The words “no” and “can’t” aren’t in his vocabulary. As Freddie walked me to my bungalow I looked over to the bar area and there were about 10 beautiful girls waving hello to me. I was certain that this was going to be awesome.

I quickly changed into some shorts and went out to the bar. Here I began to meet the incredible girls of Blue Paradise. They more than exceeded my expectations. They were all beautiful that goes without saying. It was their attitudes that I found most surprising. All of them were friendly and happy that I was there and really wanted to see that I had a great time.

I met some of the other guest at this time and they were all really nice. One of the told me treat the girls just like you would a real girlfriend with kindness and respect. He said the girls would give back way more than I gave them and he was right. They are all real angels.

The staff was all fantastic. The bar tenders made sure my drink glass was never empty for long. The chef and his assistant made sure there was plenty of delicious food. I really enjoyed eating the local food. The maids cleaned the rooms well everyday. I wanted for nothing while at the resort.

The beach, the pool, and the hot tub were all perfect. Just relaxing all day without a care in the world made all the stress in my regular life disappear. Playing dominoes with the girls, getting to know the other guests, just doing nothing. Perfect. By the third day I was there I stopped wearing my watch as Blue Paradise moves by it’s own time and the outside world’s time is meaningless.

I’m already planning my return. I just hope I can get back quickly. You really have created a Paradise!

Thanks for everything,