blue paradise DR stimulation packages

Blue Paradise Stimula(tion) Packages

A lot of you have been asking how BP is doing during the pandemic and we are fine. Concerned as anyone, but we are doing ok. Although this has been a challenging 6 months, we are solvent and moving forward.

But, for obvious reasons, guest bookings have been a fraction of our norm. We are currently in full operation with our 14 full-time staff members busily making things better here every day.

With no government aid like in many countries around the world, we are taking matters into our own hands with BP Stimula(tion)Packages. Designed to help you get a head-start on your next BP Erotic Adventure.

Here’s how it works:​

Buy one of the three available booklet packages and support BP. “The happiest place on Earth”. Then, use your nights on upcoming trips. Use one night per trip or as many as you like.

This promotion is available to all of our loyal guests who already know why BP is so special. Your private place.To relax. To live out a fantasy or three. And, just have a great time with great company at a beautiful beachfront locale.

Designed to help us make ends meet. And, you’ll get a head start and more value from your next vacation. Our Stimul(tion)Packages are designed to keep our full-time staff and of course, our girls healthy and employed.

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