Birthdays at BP are the best!

birthday parties at BP

This weeks was alot fun at BP! Aren’t they all? Cynthia had a great time showing one of the clients around the north coast. Cuba Libres ( local rum and cola ) all day by the pool which puts everyone in a relaxed mood.

During his stay Cynthia took him local river hangout spot where they spent the afternoon eating lunch, drinks in the water and dancing with up to your waist in the river. It’s a great time recommended for any adventurous guest.

Amongst our clients we also celebrated a birthday this week. If there is any event you want to celebrate at BP it has to be your birthday. The girls go all out to make sure its one you will never forget. The girls all dressed up in special outfits and treated him to a one of a kind birthday party in the party room.  6 girls in matching outfits, cake, drinks, disco room….need we say more? Well check out the picture below.!

The party didn’t stop for another 2 days as everyone joined the celebrations by the bar and well into the next day. Join us for for next weeks adventure with your favorite BP girl.

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