13 Best Sexting Apps Worth Trying

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Who doesn’t love sexting? It is the perfect sort of foreplay that may convince you it is worth to travel to the other side of the city to meet your newly met flame – that is, if you are into it and not just having fun talking to strangers and asking them some nudes.

So, whether you are texting your next boo or a typing robot, it can be incredibly easy to be carried away by the convenience of the platform, and the hot messages exchanged between you. More on that later. For now, let’s look at a list of 13 trending sexting apps out there worth trying out:


Dust works similarly to Snapchat – all the exchanged pictures and text disappears after some time. Also, all communication that takes place on the app is encrypted and eventually deleted after 24 hours. And if you are one of those sexters who put a high price on privacy (pretty every other sexter does, as a matter of fact) you will be glad that Dust doesn’t display your name and your texts on one screen – so, everything your thumbs types is distinct from who you are. Low key, this may be your quickest way of saying, “I don’t even know that woman!” should you contest for presidency in the future or something like that. Perhaps the coolest feature on this app is the “Blasts” feature – it lets you send messages to different groups of people who can read them privately.

Drawbacks? Well, many users can’t tell apart Dust and Snapchat. Dust looks very much like a copy and pastes product of Snapchat reverse engineering. That’s a major thumbs down. I also have a problem with a 100-seconds lifespan on sent texts, which disappears shortly after that period. It ought to be a bit longer to give you time to read and digest your conversation before moving to the next discussion. All in all, Dust is a great new sexting app that’s worth giving a shot.


The guys at Signal don’t delete your messages too quickly. Instead, they prefer encrypting everything so that once you have hit the “send” button, no creep will intercept them along the way and read before they reach the other end. The best part is that, besides text messages, you are free to make video calls to any member of your interest.

The only drawback of Signal is also its best attribute: encryption. You know, encryption doesn’t work particularly well on text messages sent via the internet. You’ve probably seen people retrieve supposedly deleted texts on WhatsApp. Text message encryption is just unreliable.


If you love sending your sexy pictures to strangers, but you are often scared of the receiver grabbing their screenshots, CONFIDE is the best app for you. Photos exchanged on CONFIDE will remain visible as long as the receiver doesn’t try to take screenshots. If the receiver attempts it, the app will blur the image even before the shot is made, and, even better, the weirdo will be ejected from the app. Sounds fantastic, right? Also, you will be informed of the attempted grab.

The main drawback of Confide is that it sacrifices security for privacy. Researches have found that messages exchanged on this app can be intercepted and modified before being delivered to the receiver.


All messages you send via WICKR are secured forever, and you can access them anytime you, please. Those messages can only be read by the receiver and you on specifically authorized devices (it means you’d have trouble reading them if you change phones unexpectedly). That’s a neat security feature. You can also leave voice memos with your cyber crush. Everything exchanged between you is fully encrypted.

Wickr’s main drawback is the fact that it is not an open-source program. That one…and the fact that the holding company’s profit model (or motive) is not transparent. I also noticed that you couldn’t turn off the feature that lets your messages disappear after some time.


Juicebox is more of a texting coaching platform than a full-blown texting app. It offers guidance for everything from relationships to sex. Users are provided with one-on-one advice and coaching services with a professional relationship and sex coach. There are plenty of customized tips. There is a chatbot (or Slutbot) on the platform which lets you put your sexting skills to practice and help you improve on them if they aren’t impressive enough. So, if you a starter in this sexting thing or you’ve lately felt the need to sharpen your skills for some reason, JUICEBOX should be installed on your smartphone ASAP!

The only drawback of JUICEBOX is that it doesn’t link you with a sexting a partner. Instead, it connects you with a coach or a relationship.


Yes, just be wild if you still can. As you can tell from the name, this is one of the fastest rising hookup apps on the web. If you are horny AF or in the mood of sexting but don’t have someone near you, don’t go disturbing your neighbor asking for nonexistent stuff, but download JUSTBEWILD. The best thing about this app is that only your matches will be permitted to text you. The company claims that there are millions of verified members on the platform. What I can confirm is that this app is a better alternative to Tinder.

The major drawback of JUSTBEWILD is the small number of worthwhile women on the platform. Signing up on the desktop is a bit frustrating as well.


Arousr combines the three essential aspects anyone would want to see in a sexting app: security, safety, and high traffic. The mobile responsiveness of the site is also fantastic – it operates flawlessly on your smartphone and tablet computer. Users can join the platform for free but will be required to upgrade to a paid plan if they want to send texts to other members. Once you have upgraded, you can indulge in unlimited erotic sex phone sex and even make video chats without restrictions.

There are two drawbacks to this platform. Firstly, the service may look a bit overpriced to an avid sexter from Snapchat or similar apps – 300 credits costs US$16.95. Secondly, although 100 welcome tokens will be awarded, it is hard to know if the platform is worth your tokens before spending real or purchased tokens.


This is one of the best hookup platforms out there for both singles and couples. BeNaughty is only available in a select-few location, mostly in North America and Western Europe. Most of the features on the platform can be accessed for free, although a three-day trial period costing US$0.99 per annum is in place. The design of the desktop website also comes out as easy and straightforward to use. BeNaughty is one of few dating sites with almost no fake profile or bots onboard. Also, the number of users identifying as females are remarkably higher (insufficient number of female users is one of the biggest problems faced by new dating and sexting platforms on the web). A survey shows that the number of females between 25 and 44-years of age on the platform is almost twice that of males.

Many reviewers rank BeNaughty poorly in making contact. This may have something to do with stringent rules on the platform.


Tinder has grown over the years since 2012 to become something akin to authority in the world of dating. In 2014, Tinder registered one billion swipes, an achievement that effectively placed it on the list of the world’s most popular and most extensive dating apps. The influence of Tinder extends way beyond the platform itself. For instance, users can see if they share mutual Facebook friends with their matches (first-degree connection) or whether you and your match have friends that already know each other (second-degree connection). In 2017, Tinder rolled out Tinder Gold, a premium service that lets you see people who liked you before swiping. In January 2020, a panic button was introduced to U.S.-based users to help in the delivery of emergency assistance, photo verification, and location tracking. Tinder is arguably the most advanced and best sexting app on the internet today.

The major drawback of Tinder is that you must have an active Facebook account to sign up with them. This restriction raises an array of privacy issues. Tinder has been hacked more than once – one notable incidence involved unwitting men being led to flirt with each other without knowing.


A unique attribute of Ehrmony is that it offers a senior dating section where anyone past their youth years can meet a partner and forge forward. Not many sexting and dating apps are thoughtful enough to include such an important feature. Both regular and senior dating sections of the service are equipped with blocking features that help you keep away undesirable elements. They also have ID verification features that keep away fake users, married people, and anyone who previously violated the platform’s terms or use. Unfortunately, these barriers aren’t active enough, and there are a few creeps who will successfully cheat their way around them. The customer care is superb.

Among several drawbacks about Eharmony is the platform’s membership packages. The service is free to join, but you must subscribe to one of their pricey plans to make any serious communication with members. Ponder of these subscription options:

  • 1 month – $59.95 per month
  • 6-months – US$39.95 per month
  • 12-months – US$18.95 per month

Although these plans tend to change slightly from time to time, they are seldom affordable.


Plenty of Fish has been around longer than Tinder and most other dating sites. The process of signing up with this platform can be a bit daunting as new users must fill fields and answer questions before they get their profiles running. There is a “Relationship Chemistry Predictor” on the platform that serves the essential function of letting you know when to go “fishing” and when not to. The tool conducts personality assessments to let you understand how you may function in a relationship. And if a user added you to their “favorites” list, you can leave a testimonial. The user can leave a testimonial for you as well. This feature lets users get a rough idea of who is on their level and who isn’t. The instant messaging functionality and ease of deleting your account once you’ve found your match are some of this platform’s best attributes.

The main drawback of Plenty of Fish is the absence of a video chat feature. That one… and the fact that there so many annoying ads on the platform. I also realized that they don’t subject users to ID confirmation, which could mean some few bad apples may be marauding on the platform unchecked.


If you have experience with Grindr (the most significant gay hookup website), then you will struggle to tell it apart with Blendr – the look and feel of the two are strikingly similar. The difference between them is that Grindr is for gay hookups, while Blendr aims at attracting users of all sexual orientations.

When it comes to functionalities, Blendr works very much like Tinder. You swipe right or left on people you dislike or like. Swiping right on a user who right swapped you means you’re a match, and you can begin chatting immediately. Most people who frequent Blendr are after hookups, but you need to be polite and ensure they are interested in sexting before you flood them erotic massages.


If you are into anonymous sexting, then Yumi may turn out to be the best sexting app you’ve ever tried. This platform is one of a kind: no phone number, email address, or any other personal detail is required to register. The only thing you need to declare is your sexual preference and, sometimes, your gender identity. A real photo of you can be an added advantage but not a necessity. You can as well add your voice snipped if you want. To get a sexting partner, you must play Yumi’s own game of chance.

The main cons of this platform are also its pros. While complete anonymity may be appealing to some of us who love to do things under the cloak, you just can’t be sure of who you are sexting.

Best sexting tips and tricks

Sexting may sound smooth and straight forward but can be hard in practice. I’ve seen some leaked screenshots of chats from folks who ruined excellent encounters by saying the right thing at the wrong time. Here are the tips to successful and error-free sexting:

  • Timing is everything. Don’t roll out steamy texts at any time you want. You need to read the situation and know what’s appropriate to say and what isn’t.
  • Take it slow. Let your texts create a buildup. Start your conversation with an opener that shows you are ready to play. Don’t reveal too much at the start of the conversation.
  • Remember, you are playing a role. Sexting is very much like role-playing. Your part here is that of a cheeky and playful partner who isn’t just horny but ready to show their freaky side. Everything you send – voice, photos, and video messages – should paint an appropriate fantasy for your partner.
  • Don’t stray far away from your comfort zone. Sexting should be handled delicately. Also, straying far from what you are willing to share can either make you overly excited or uncomfortable.
  • Understand the emoji sex code. As common as emojis may be, you will be surprised by how some folks struggle to use them properly. And because emojis are tiny pictures, they are worth a thousand words. They only become a thousand gaffes when misused. Be sure to grasp the basics of emoji sexting. For instance, raindrops often stand for ejaculation or wetness; the aubergine stands for a penis; sticking out your tongue means you desire to have sex.

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