Best Sex Toys for Men

For men who like experiencing self-satisfaction, then the sex toys market is multiplying than ever before, with a wide range of toys emerging. Today, many types of sex toys range from those designed to satisfy the geekier side to those for trans men. Although it may seem that most men are getting tired of using sex toys, this is very far from the truth.

The current sextech revolution has seen even many men excited to use these devices for their sexual satisfaction. Therefore, if you’re a great fan of anal play or you enjoy some prostate massagers, then you’re a bit lucky since many male-oriented sex toys are designed to heighten sexual pleasures and are also great alternatives for going solo or even pairing up with your partner.

Below are some best sex toys in the market today which you can consider:

It’s a more popular masturbator that provides excellent sensation. It has some great features and a range of accessories that will make you experience great pleasure. The fleshlight masturbator is usually made of SuperSkin phthalate-free material. It’s among the most popular name when it comes to masturbation sleeves. According to most online customer reviews and ratings, people say that although the brand is highly-priced, it’s justified in terms of its sensation, durability, and lifespan. Other people have also claimed that the fleshlight masturbator has a good texture that is useful in making them last longer compared to other sex toy models. Although this fleshlight has a ‘lady design,’ there are other options that can stimulate anal penetration as well.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Doesn’t come equipped with the relevant cleaning materials
Provides great sensation

Another excellent sex toy that has a rechargeable battery and is controlled by buttons or the interactive mode. For virtual reality porn fans, the fleshlight launch is the best way to go about in the masturbation game. They come with standardized sizes are powered by Kiiroo teledildonic experts. The fleshlight launch features up to 180 automated stokes every minute. However, you can program both the length and speed of the strokes with the buttons.

Pros Cons
It’s rechargeable They aren’t quiet devices
It’s password protected Its controls need a learning curve
It’s compatible with a majority of VR goggles

This sex toy works by restricting blood flow on the penis shaft, which ensures a harder and more prolonged lasting erection. It has a design that resembles a traditional cock ring that incorporates even the testicles with a more delicate squeezing sensation. Most past users claim that this sex toy has a ring that provides a feeling similar to that of a real clitoral sensation.

Pros Cons
It’s cheap Requires one to shave his private parts due to its pulling aspect
Easy to use
Ideal for any play

This sex toy is made of silicone and is controlled by a push-button, LR44-3. It’s a highly intensive anal toy that provides a lot of pleasure in 2 places at the same time. The anal beads will deliver a lot of joy when being removed. However, its perfect shape ensures that the process of penetration and removal is straightforward and doesn’t disrupt any of its actions, meaning that it’s also ideal, especially during sexual intercourse. It’s a top prostate massager that has many positive reviews and ratings from past users.

Pros Cons
Has great sensation It’s somehow noisy
It’s cheap

This sex toy is made of silicone and is controlled by wireless remote control. Some of its features include two small, powerful vibration motors and USB charging. It’s ideal for prostate stimulation. It’s also suitable for people who are looking for anal play. The Hugo sex toy is a real state of the art. It’s a waterproof and remote-controlled prostate massager that has two powerful motors that create intensity when in action. Studies show that this sex toy can increase the strength of the male climax by at least 33%. Most past users say that Hugo provides full-body orgasms. Although it has a high price, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Pros Cons
 It’s waterproof It’s expensive
Has a one year warranty

This sex toy has a sleek black casing that resembles leather and can make you enjoy the needed fantasies. The Black Window-themed masturbator is made of non-toxic and phthalate-free material. It also has a USB rechargeable battery. It usually causes a ridiculous amount of sensation. This sex toy features three speeds and nine vibrating patterns. It’s a masturbator that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a fleshlight brand. It stands out in its style and provides a great sensation.

Pros Cons
Ideal for fantasy play Has a shallow internal length of 6 inches
Free shipping

The kiss-x sex toy has a relatively smaller hole compared to its cousin, the Buck-Off. This sex toy is ideal for trans, especially those who aren’t doing hormone replacement therapy. It’s usually made of silicone. Since 2016, an adult film actor called Buck Angel has come with a completely new twist after the ‘first FTM Masturbator.’ Immediately after hearing the feedback about the Buck-Off, Buck Angel came up with another model for satisfying a more extensive range of people.

The Kiss-X has a smaller hole whose primary purpose is for people with a clitoris that isn’t enlarged for the Buck-Off, including the trans men who aren’t doing hormone any hormone replacement therapy or others in their early transition.

Pros Cons
Singular in its focus Not super versatile
 Doesn’t work for everyone

The Hydromax9 sex toy is made of silicone, ABS (plastic). It’s a new type of penis pump that uses water and not air so that it can have a stronger suction. For the product listing, the Hydromax9 sex toy is ideal for the shower or bath. You need to fill it out with water and begin pumping.

The vacuum created encourages blood to flow into your penis, where the excess water flows out of the toy. Most reviewers claim that they have seen real results. Its change in design makes it even more comfortable since it’s less likely to allow air leakage while in use. Although Hydromax9 is highly-priced, it’s worth the investment.

Pros Cons
100% satisfaction guarantee It’s very costly

This sex toy is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Although most male masturbation aids tend to be bulky and frustrating, it’s the opposite when it comes to Tenga Eggs. It was initially made in Japan, where the culture of masturbation primarily exists. The Tenga Eggs are easy to use since you just need to add lube and then stretch it over your penis head in the same way you put on a condom before you go about a session.

For men who are familiar with the Tenga Eggs, then they’ll tell you that the ‘hard-boiled’ edition means six new textures that are made of thick and robust material. The only major drawback of these sex toys is that they can only be used once, although some people say that with proper care, you can use them a couple of times.

Pros Cons
 They’re tiny and unassuming Can only be used once

The Tenuto is a vibrating device with more robust and perineum stimulation. It’s made of silicone and is controlled by Bluetooth app or merely the device itself. It features six small, powerful vibrating motors. Tenuto is among the latest sex toy from MysteryVibe, which is a UK based company known for its unisex vibrator. The Tenuto sex toy is a new vibrating device that is usually worn around the penis as well as the testicles. It’s a more promising solution for men who need that extra sensation and pleasure. It’s water-resistant, and works with its six motors and is controlled using an app. The app used to control the sex toy is straightforward and provides many exciting functionalities and options for easy use.

Pros Cons
It’s ideal for solo use or with a partner Its availability is still unclear, making it hard to know how it fits everybody exactly
It pays special attention to perineum

It has a 9.5-inch size and has a similar appearance to an Amazon Echo. It’s a more advanced automatic male masturbator that used different contraction and vibration patterns for milking your dick. It has a case that has a TPE masturbation sleeve that is similar to a fleshlight. It also comes with a motor that creates 360-degree contraction and vibrations with varying strengths.

The Lovense Max sex toy is controlled using the Lovense Remote app. You need to download this app using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, sync up via Bluetooth, and it’s ready for use. The app allows customization in the contraction and vibration patterns.

Pros Cons
App-controlled It’s very costly
Has powerful vibrations and contraction to create a pleasing sensation Produces loud contractions
Handsfree cumming

When finding stamina training sex toys online, the chances are that you’re likely to only come across expensive and large-sized sex toys that don’t meet your requirements. However, with the Quickshot Vantage sex toy, you’ll get the sensation and pleasure that you’ve always wanted. It’s a small-sized handheld male masturbator that has open ends, with a 3.5-inch insertable length. The only drawback of this sex toy is that it’s too tight, meaning that it can be challenging to get your penis through, especially if it has a large girth.

Pros Cons
Has a pleasurable texture It’s quite loud
It’s affordable It’s too tight for some people
Has a sleek design

This male sex toy is made to feel like you’re getting a real blowjob. However, some people tend to fool by its outward appearance. The truth of the matter is that its inside is impressive and has all the 3 points for entry, which are one for tongue stimulation, one for the mouth, and one that feels similar to a throat. If you’ve been using other types of masturbators, then you’re likely to notice the difference immediately after you penetrate the Turbo Thrust Copper. It has a soft and squishy inside, together with bumps and ridges for a more enjoyable ride. The Turbo Thrust Copper is a mid-ranged sex toy. It’s also durable and can have a longer lifespan provided that it’s properly cleaned every time after use.

Pros Cons
Provides an intensive blowjob experience Must be cleaned after use

If you want an extreme sex toy, then Kiiroo Onyx 2 is the best solution. This sex toy has utilized male masturbation technology, which incorporates both encoded 2D and VR content for a more intensive stimulation experience. It’s an ideal sex machine for men who can produce 140 contractions in one minute. If you don’t have a fast fucking pace, then you probably won’t handle this sex toy.

The kiroo Onyx 2 is just an improvement of the Onyx male sex toy and boasts using a thrusting technology and a new engine. The sex toy also utilizes a row or ten contracting rings for mimicking sex in addition to the vibration it makes.

Pros Cons
Has a unique technology It’s expensive
Produces 140 strokes per minute
Has a fleshlight sleeve

One of the best sex toys in the market today is The Fun Factory Manta, which is made for solo stimulation. This sex toy is ideal, especially during a couple’s play due to its robust functionality and sleek design. It’s incredibly lightweight and highly versatile. It has a texture similar to ‘bat wings’ which are wrapped around your penis shaft to deliver an intense vibration for a more intensive stimulation and pleasure. This sex toy is rechargeable and has varying speeds and intensity settings.

Pros Cons
Has a long-lasting battery Can only be used by someone with a partner around

Sex toy buying guide

There are some things you need to consider when shopping for male masturbation toys, regardless of whether you need a simple or more advanced sex toy. Below are some top things to consider when choosing a male sex toy:

  • Price

Men’s sex toys come in a wide range of prices, depending on the manufacturer, functionality, and quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best affordable sex toys, it’s recommended that you should check-in online sex shops since they have great sales deals and quality products. You can also purchase from the manufacturer, especially if you want a high-quality brand with advanced features such as Autoblow or Kiiroo.

  • Type of toy

There are different types of sex toys, which include male strokers, automatic male masturbators, masturbation sleeves, dildos, and prostate massagers. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of these, including anal sex toys or prostate toys that deliver long-lasting male orgasms. If you like penis toys for milking your dick, consider getting fleshlight masturbation sleeves or small handheld male strokers.

  • Size

It’s a fact that men aren’t the same in terms of penis size as well as shape. The problem with male sex toys is that most of them are a one size fit all. Therefore, if your penis is more extended, shorter, thinner, or wider than average, then it’s essential to read up the information provided for each cock size. Most manufacturers always put the size into consideration since they know men aren’t the same.

  • Discretion

You must understand your living circumstances and how discreet you’ll be with your toys. For instance, there are male masturbation toys that you can hide away during the day or ideal, especially if you live alone. You should, however, consider how loud a sex toy is, especially when vibrating or contracting if you want to purchase a vibrating fleshlight or an electronic male masturbator. Additionally, it’s essential to consider other things, such as cleaning. This is because some sex toys are made up of materials that should be washed and air-dried to prevent the growth of molds.

In conclusion, these are some of the top things to consider when choosing a sex toy. It’s also essential to check for online customer reviews so that you can see what other past users are saying about their experience with certain sex toys. You should also purchase a sex toy that fits your budget and meets your needs. Don’t be in a hurry to buy a particular sex toy just because your friend told you that it worked well for him. Take your time and read the description of each sex toy before buying.

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