Best Sex Positions

best sex positions

Sex is an aspect of your life; you cannot ignore it despite your busy schedule. Stress relief, pleasure, and intimacy are some reasons why we have sex. Here at Blue Paradise, we hope to give you a sex vacation that can help you escape your busy world. We know that better sex is achieved by trying out different sex positions, which will make your toes curl and achieve the best orgasm. Our escorts are more than willing to explore with you and here are a few suggestions of what you can try:


The cowgirl style is the style whereby the woman is on top. In this style, you allow your girl to take control, whereby she dictates the depth of penetration and speed. You can spice up things by having the girl cuff you, and the complete loss of control will drive you crazy. If your hands are free, stimulate your girl by playing with her nipples.

Reverse cowgirl

In this style, your woman is still on top, but she is facing your feet. You get a good view of her booty as she rides you. Women will often control the rhythm unpredictably (switching between quick thrusts and slow grinding), which will get you over the edge.

Doggy style

Having your girl on her fours and penetrate from behind. It will allow you to penetrate deeply. For this style, you are the master because you are the one dictating the tempo. The best thing about the doggy style is that you can do it from anywhere. Sometimes, you need a change of environment to spice things up, and you can do doggy style in the kitchen, car, or leaning on a banister.


Spooning is a style done when you are lying side to side with your girl in bed. Spooning allows you to penetrate her slowly and have full access to her body, whereby you can use your hands to play with her. It is the best style to do when you feel lazy or wake up feeling horny. It is also very intimate; because you will have plenty of body contact.

The pretzel dip

FYI, it is less complicated than it sounds. Have your woman lying down on her right side, then straddle her right leg, and penetrate. In this style, you enjoy the deep penetration of doggy style and still maintain eye contact. You and your woman’s hands will be free to roam, so you can play with each other to heighten the tension.

Kitchen confidential

One interesting fact about the kitchen is that it has the best sex furniture. You can perform several styles in the kitchen comfortably, starting with the doggy style or the standing quickie. The best kitchen sexual position is known as ‘kitchen confidential.’ You have her sitting on the counter for this style as you penetrate her with the tempo you like. Her arms are free to play with your body, making the session more intense.


For the cowboy style, you are on top. You can have the girl semi-close her legs so that the opening can tighten. Tightness will increase the intensity of penetration for you and the girl. You also get the chance to play with her boobs.

The chairman

Also known as lap dance, it is a style whereby you sit on a chair or at the edge of the bed while she is on top. She is in the driver’s seat, but you can assert your control by pulling her closer or tagging her hair. Unlike cowgirl, the chairman style allows you to be closer to your girl, making the experience more intimate.

Spice up your sex life by trying these styles. Our playful escorts are excited to try out different positions that will give you maximum pleasure. Book a sex vacation with us today to venture into new sex positions with new girlfriends. For more info, contact us.

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