Best Oral Sex Positions

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How can you use the tongue to make your partner groan? Oral sex is unbelievably intimate, awesome-sauce, and satisfying. It is more than foreplay as it is clit-centric that stirs a route to sensations and pleasure. Penetrative sex cannot be fulfilling without oral activities as the oral thing helps in understanding how each other body works. This foreplay, though foreplay does not describe it best, keeps you connected to your partner, and has a significant positive impact on physical, mental, and sexual health.

Oral is how to ease vaginal tightness by loosening the vaginal muscles and increasing lubrication to avoid injuries or discomfort during penetrative sex. Get more blood pumped to the shaft for a stiffer erection or send the erectile dysfunction behind the curtains to have pleasure. What can you cherish more than having your lips on someone’s junk? Make oral sex routine, the leading component, and repertoire every time during sex to maximum pleasure for both of you.

Many positions will make you and your partner enjoy oral sex. Make sure to open up and share with your partner about your experiences, as well as feel free and permit yourself to experiment and find out which position best fits both of you. Below are some of the oral sex positions that you will find interesting.

Partner Lying Down

This position makes it incredibly enjoyable for both of you, especially if the receiver props her hips up on a pillow because it makes it easy for the giver to access the clit. It is considered as the cunnilingus mission that offers the most ease and great pleasure for oral sex action for both partners as it happens when both are maintaining a pretty straightforward position. This is one of the most comfortable positions since it doesn’t require much support and, subsequently, no impact on joints. It provides the giver with easy access to the receiver’s chest and other sensitive parts while going through oral activity, which adds to the pleasure of both parties. It is simple and suitable for every couple, especially for those with weaker body parts.

How it is done: The woman lays on her back while the man keeps his head between the two curvy hips while lying on his stomach. The receiver spreads legs while letting the feet swing freely and moans from what the partner does with their tongue.

If the man’s turn to lie down, the woman grabs the penis and inserts it into their mouth, and both partners enjoy the oral action.

Expert’s Pro tip: Since not only penetration alone causes orgasm, it is always good to massage the nipples as the stimulation has an equal effect on the brain part that is triggered by clit-centric stimulation. Massaging provokes a more intense orgasm and, if not, then causes a mind-blowing pleasure.

A toy you can use: The man can support themselves so they can easily access the receiver’s junk. With this position, it is easy to insert dildo and pleasantly cause sensation to the receiver. The vaginal muscle will push it out, and what the gives ought to do is to keep entering as they maintain the rhythm pace.

Sitting on your partners face

Damn, are you thinking of it as literally having killer vagina/penis? Straddle your partner’s head and allow them to go down on you as you hold yourself a few inches above their face by simple thigh workout. The position is also known as queening when the receiver is the woman. The receiver can as well ride their partner, however, with lengthy kneeling and maintain their rhythm and beat by gyrating and swiveling with their hips. The giver ought to keep a steady flow of saliva for an exceptional experience. If you have the expertise, for men, make it super-sexy by escaping the mission for a while and have got a dip into her mouth before going back to penetrate the clit. This position requires the giver to place their head comfortably, not harm the neck and make their man reach into climax. Be careful not to hunt what pleasures you most with teeth.

Generally, the position is super-hot, and you will keep asking for another. It is best for those who battle in maintaining a face-down position. You can as well adjust without having your partner, the giver, moving to either side.

How it is done: Make it magic by being pretty simple, just lie on your back with your head facing up. Then your partner kneels over your face and brings their genitals right near your mouth. That is how simple it is, just as it sounds.

Expert’s tip: The position is super-sexy; however, it can lead to asphyxiation due to the dominant-submissive role of the giver. Make sure to notify your partner if you don’t get enough air supply down there because it may be hazardous. Besides, if you want to try this position, it is advisable to do an enema before beginning the session.

A toy you can use: A woman can try applying nipple clamps to the giver to enhance sensory stimulation, while a man’s penis sleeve will perfect it. With the consent of both partners, you can use a butt plug to stimulate the prostate.

She is standing, and the other partner is kneeling.

What feels better than having someone blowing your mind while you watch at them? This position gives the receiver a great view of porn if that is the best term to describe it. The receiver gets a chance to caress their partner’s head and hair. The receiver can adjust the head by pressing it against the vulva to get more in-depth if the receiver is a woman or hold the head and plunge violently into her mouth when a receiver is a man. However, the head adjustments happen with consent since not everyone likes it; make sure that both you and your partner have a mutual agreement about it.

Imagine that feeling of moaning voice while someone you love kneels in front of you, and you can have full sight of the scene. Besides, this position gives the dominating party freedom to stand in front of the mirror and capitalize on sensitivity and emotions while getting into love games. Due to intense feelings, both partners need to have stamina. If the receiver is likely to feeble from capitalized feeling, it is advisable to have a soft surface to nosedive onto when they can’t rule the game anymore and whimper from there.

How it is done: Let the woman be submissive and kneel to pleasure her man. The man can remain standing or even sit at the edge of their bed. The position is also appropriate during the shower.

If the receiver is the woman, it is advisable to elevate one leg on the bed’s edge and glue the other leg on the floor so that she offers easy access to clit by the giver. Be sure that with easy access, the oral action will be more pleasing.

Expert’s tip: Keeping your eyes in contact intensifies the pleasure, be sure to do it. Both partners have to pleasure the other and ensure there is comfort. Provide a pillow for your partner to kneel on to prevent rug burned knees. It gives the man an easy way to roll hands over her body freely and easily as compared to when sleeping on her belly; also, this freedom enables her to pressure on man’s hand and toys, if any. It one of the best positions to let the man, receiver, ejaculate on the giver’s chest, and it feels right for couples.

A toy you can use: If the receiver is a woman, a vibrator fit with a long handle will amplify the experiment as the giver stimulates vaginal opening and labia from below.

Let the masculine receiver stand with legs spread, and a curved butt plug will provide ideal prostate stimulation. This is all you need for this position.

The 69

What it is: This position has several ways of doing it; one partner lying down and the other on top, the sideways 69, and the upside-down 69.

  • One partner lying down and the other on top.

This is an incredibly intimate position that is common every porno. One partner, mostly the man, lies on his back while the other partner gets on facing the opposite direction. The lying partner can stimulate the other more with hands while the latter uses hands for support. Couple switching helps each partner enjoy equally as the position is meant to bring the couple to the closest possible. In every moment, the partners are able to engage in oral sex simultaneously. The classic and dual-pleasure make this position more cherishable.

  • The sideways 69

This position relief the top partner from getting tired and instead redeem the energy in stimulating their partner as both lie sideways. The only benefit is getting assistance from supporting your body; those under medical complications can find it an excellent way to continue enjoying foreplay with their partners. However, you will need to find a comfortable position for your leg before the starting whistle blows. If you have had plastic surgery on your leg, you need to be more careful.

  • Upside-down 69

Are you an expert, healthy, and ready to take the challenge? The do the upside-down 69, which is an advanced move for those who are not faint of heart. Take caution; the man ought to be strong and stable to pick, generally from handstand position, and hold his babe during the stimulation. Never attempt this if you got any injury. Make sure to have a soft surface in place in case your jewelry slips off your hands. The woman, too, will need to be keen to safeguard her muscles.

How it is done: Depending on the 69 variations that the couples agree, the rule is the same. One partner starts by lying (except for upside-down 69) with their legs open, and the other comes in and sets their genitals near the other’s face while keeping the head between legs of the lying partner. Then they are right to do and give each other pleasure as they draw mutually closer.

Expert’s tip: Keep enjoying as long as you are comfortable. You can switch position with your partner (especially in part a)) to avoid over-stimulation or distraction like getting tired when you can’t stop licking the sweetness.

For upside-down, ensure you are strong enough to hold your partner fully suspended in the air and keep the genitals in the right position, obviously, near the mouth.

A toy you can use: You are free to incorporate dildos or vibrators into your foreplay and continue stimulating her. If you are trying to shy something on your mouth or genitals, spice up with edible lubricant, for upside-down, sex pillow will help in case your partner slips accidentally.

Oral Doggy Style

Ever wondered what you and your partner might be missing out in your sex life? Then you will realize that this great and amazing oral doggy-style is what you need as it will raise you to greater heights or prowess in making your woman cum everything. Similar to the usual intercourse doggy-style position, she will slightly elevate her curvy hips by lowering her elbows. You will have a better view of the juicy aroused flesh in between her thighs, giving you the best chance to let your tongue do what it does best, and that is licking and sucking the hell out of her.

How it is done: As no one is limited, you can still access other enjoyable body parts of your woman more comfortably and enticingly. A slight modification such as reaching for surfaces that raises her a bit higher while always on her four can work even better for couples. This position works best if your woman is taller, but also you can kneel on the floor as a man while she places her knees at the edge of the bed as she gets on her limbs. The oral doggy-style position will allow her to go crazy as it gives extra pleasure by relieving your hands and her taking control of her curvy shape behind.

Expert’s tip: While still maintaining the playful mood after real intercourse, it is also the best moment to do oral doggy-style as couples as if you still desire it’s even great for stimulating the anus you worth trying.

A toy you can use: It is excellent to add in a sex toy for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration more, primarily if the position is used for analingus on her.

Sideways oral sex

You will need to try oral sex at different angles to realize the best angle that corresponds to her mouth and your penis. This is because some penises tend to switch off if inclined at a specific angle, search for the right angle not to make it boring. This style requires the receiver for this case, a man, to lie vertically inclined while the giver lies horizontally. Choosing the best positioning can create a pleasant environment for deep-throating, which takes you to climaxes. Lick close to the head and keep your lips tight around his shaft for intensified pleasure, which feels extremely good.

How it is done: On your place of choice, either on bed or floor, lay inclined such that you can record everything with your eyes. Keep the angle by twisting and bending one of your legs slightly as you open them to allow her to reach the base of two natural balls. The giver brings her head closer to the shaft as she lays horizontally on her stomach, and oral sex takes its course.

Expert’s tip: While maintaining the scene, the man can have thrusting movements that trigger more sensation and stimulation. Make sure you lick near the head; it feels better, and be careful not to hunt with your teeth what keeps you hooked together. Allow your girl to take charge of everything.

A toy you can use: As she gives incredible pleasure, you can use a butt dildo on her.

Elevated Cunnilingus

This creates a different sensation that will help her reach orgasm faster as she raises her sexy hips above your face. Also, it allows her to sit down, which can seem to be more comfortable. Depending on where she is and how much access you have to her most sensitive area, elevated cunnilingus is worth trying as she will moan in helplessly due to intense, uncontrollable pleasure.

How it is done: As the name elevated cunnilingus is self-explanatory, but for a step-by-step guide: this super unusual oral sex position, it allows your woman’s hips to be elevated above your head. This can be done by letting her sit on a couch, chair, kitchen counter, and him kneeling or squatting for access. Again, elevated cunnilingus is also possible when she is lying back on the bed with her bottom at the edge of the bed, and he is kneeling on the floor. With this position, your tongue gets to explore her entire genitalia as you have the best and intimate view of her curves.

Expert’s tip: It is always, this oral position is a little riskier as you and your partner are not restricted to private places to stimulate each other. This is because you and your partner can get it on in public. After all, you don’t need a beautiful cushy surface to lie down on. All you need is the hood of a car, a large rock, or a park wall to get her above him.

A toy you can use: You could use a clitoris stimulator along with your tongue for super-intense action if you want to get extra playful.

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