The Best Beaches In The Dominican Republic

only steps away from the beach

The Dominican Republic has a lot to offer and that includes some rather amazing beaches. Depending on what part of the country you visit, you are sure to find the Dominican Republic beach that meets your needs. Endless soft sand beaches run along the north coast of the country.

Several of these attract surfers and kiteboarders while swimming and snorkeling is the main attractant for other beaches in this region. The southern coast of the Dominican Republic runs along the Caribbean Sea. These beaches are characterized by smooth beaches of pebbles or powdery white sand. Here’s a closer look at some of the best Dominican Republic beaches.

  •  Playa Juan Dolio

Situated along the Caribbean coast between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana is the small seaside town of Playa Juan Dolio. The golden sand beach here is lined with palm trees. It is a perfect place to lie on a towel and soak up the sun or play in the water. The area has resorts and vacation rentals available – that is, if you choose to stick around for a while.

  • Kite Beach

This friendly and very active beach is located at Cabarete on the Caribbean coastline. This is actually an internationally known destination thanks to the Master of the Ocean event held here annually. The event is the world championship for various types of water sports which should tell you what to expect should you venture here to test the wave action.

  •  Las Galeras

Located on the Caribbean coastline, the town of Las Galeras is near many well-known beaches and is also home to a great stretch of their own. The waterfront of the town is filled with huge coconut palms and the shallow water here shimmers in shades of blue, green and turquoise. If you are looking for a quiet swimming or snorkeling spot, this is it.

  • Playa Rincon

We can’t talk about the beaches of the Dominican Republic without mentioning this one. It is near Las Galeras and is very well known as a top destination. If you are looking for a typical tropical white sand beach with aquamarine water, this is that beach. Huge palms shade the area and a protected cove at one end provides calm waters.

  • Bavaro Beach

This calm, soft white sand beach is near Punta Cana – one of the most popular beach town destinations in all of the country. This is considered a great beach that is away from most of the activity and is perfect for swimming and wading. This Caribbean spot features turquoise water and sand that stretches far enough for a leisurely stroll.

  • Playa Dorado

Golden sand greets you at this Dominican Republic beach located along the Amber Coast. It is the main resort beach for Puerto Plata and is not short on beauty. The further the beach stretches along the shoreline, the more palms you see as well as the mountains in the near distance. Clear turquoise water is the major magnet here, great for snorkeling.

  • Cayo Levantado

Have you ever thought about spending your vacation on an island? Well, this private island is off the coast of the Samana Peninsula and has soft sand beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Trails connect all three beaches on this secluded location and also feature some of the country’s most exclusive resorts.

  •  Playa Grande

Near the internationally-known resorts of Punta Cana and Punta Plata, this beach is the one you’ll want to visit to truly experience the vibe present in and around the DR. The soft sand is coral-colored and faces the Atlantic Ocean that pounds down on it. Palm trees line the extensive stretch of beach that gets very busy but still has room for everyone.

  •  Playa Fronton

Okay, if you are after that completely hidden beach to take that special someone for a bit of fun in the sun that doesn’t include swimming or snorkeling, this is your destination. Be warned, though. It’s only accessible by boat or on a four hour round trip (guided) hike. But it’s worth it with clear water, palms, soft golden sand and rugged black cliffs.

  • Cabarete Beach

The waterfront of the beachside town of Cabarete is a stunning beach. The turquoise water is shallow in many places and calm enough to accommodate swimmers of all skills. What really sets this beach apart from the rest is the vast collection of funky, trendy restaurants that dot the entire stretch. So, in a way, this beach is more for atmosphere than swimming.

  • Honorable Mention – Bahia de Las Aguilas

On the Caribbean coast near the town of Pedernales is this remote piece of Jaragua National Park. The 8-kilometre long beach has white sand and features calm, crystal clear water. Oddly enough, this is probably the least visited beach in the country but once you discover it, chances are you’ll be back again. The probable reason is that this beach is completely undeveloped. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it. In fact, there are plenty of great spots to park your towel and beach umbrella. The calm water is great for all swimmers and as it is clear, snorkeling is probably going to be your main activity here.

In Conclusion

As you can see from this list of ten beaches of the Dominican Republic that you have many options available to you when your holiday plans include some rest and recreation. The country offers everything a beachgoer could want, stunning waters and warm, comfortable sand to play or lay in. If you are more adventurous, some of the beaches are filled with surfers, kiteboarders and more. Whether you are traveling as a couple or a family, there is going to be a Dominican Republic beach that is the perfect fit for your vacation plans. Just remember to book ahead if you are expecting to stay at any of the beachside resorts that are located throughout the country.