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Bachelor Party Vacations

The last days of bachelorhood will come to an end, you are invited to a bachelor party weekend at Blue Paradise!

You have gone down your knees, popped THE question, and exchanged the rings, now one last tradition is left before you say “I do”. You can never be ready to take the plunge without a wild night of fun or as they call it, your “bachelor party”.

Trust us when we say that we can make it an evening to remember even better than what your best man could do! We, at Blue Paradise, will stop at nothing to ensure you have no regrets as you get ready to start your new life.

Because bachelor parties are incomplete without naked ladies

If sexy women, strippers and erotic lap dances are what you can imagine your bachelor party to be, we have good news for you. Not only they will be available for you at plenty, but we have a gazillion more creative ideas to spice thing up.

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by our divas, trying out cheeky tricks to tickle all your senses. You can choose them from our website or let us handpick them for you. Either way, you are guaranteed to wake up satisfied.

Don’t only treat your eyes, your tummy needs you too

No party is complete without a wide range of options of food and liquor. The fare offered will be of delectable taste and variety. An open bar and our in-house mixologists will serve you the right drink to suit the occasion. Our helpful disciplined and discreet staff will assist you whenever you are in need of any help.

Secret location? Check.

Your last night of freedom will not truly be one if it’s not celebrated away from home. What can be a better choice than in the bountiful beaches of the Caribbean? Whether you’re looking for a wild night of passionate fun or a calm and serene one, the Caribbean will be the perfect setting for you. Our sea facing resort and bungalows will provide you with the much-needed privacy you are looking for. Roll on our private beach or walk hand in hand with your chosen companion, or simply watch our girls perform live in front of you and your friends, you can celebrate your big day in your own way.

‘Last day of freedom’ be the best day of your lifetime

As you can imagine, we will go all out to make this a happening time for you. Since a digital memory of the night might land you into trouble too early in your new life, we suggest you lock this experience away in your heart. Let the thoughts of the warm sand, cool sea and the hot companies warm you up in your alone time. So drop your worries and pants and head out to the Caribbean for the biggest party of your life.

Before all the responsibilities of a married man shackle you down, enjoy your last hurrah with close buddies. Gift yourself and your friends the perfect opportunity to revel in the joys of the carefree and unbridled life of a bachelor.

While you enjoy, we promise to keep the exploits of your boys a top secret.

What happens at Blue Paradise stays at Blue Paradise.

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