Addressing some rumors and our sex vacation checklist

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Usually we stick to writing positive posts about how great of a time the Dominican Republic is and why visiting Blue Paradise DR should be at the top of your bucket list.

However, some clients have been notifying us of issues we believe should be addressed:

1. Oxygen Retreat has not closed
Various O2 clients who have visited us this year can attest to this fact. It is currently thriving after the merger. Clients are amazed at the location and service is better than ever. The family of the previous 02 owner is working with us and those who know him are able contact him directly to verify. This is just a internet rumor. Don’t worry, we are here for the long haul.

2. A new 02 is opening up at such and such location
We have seen this newsletter come from a random gmail address with no website, phone number or official email address. Please beware guys. A few regular clients have pursued this email and are just asked to make a large deposit to a random bank account. While we can’t confirm it’s a scam or not a scam, we can confirm its not related to Oxygen Retreat or any of the girls you used to know. Always contact the official email address of any business you are wanting to communicate with.

3. All-Inclusive Beach Front Resorts
We have seen some other websites claiming to be beach front private resorts and even one website using our pictures as their resort!Again, do your homework on any business you want to visit.

Here is our checklist:

  • Check their social media. We update social media daily. You’re able to see our resort and girls in real time.
  • Verify they have a phone number, website and official email and social media!
  • Confirm they aren’t just placing you in a family friendly resort with your companions. Nothing ruins the mood like being around families.

Make sure its an actual resort, and not just someone renting random villas and placing you there with girls they found at the girly bars. You are setting up for a bad time being in a villa with random strangers and no security. Being at an all inclusive resort like ours gives clients privacy and top notch staff to service you, as well as security.

Be sure they are actually on the beach. We have seen a few places claiming to be on the beach while we know their place is nowhere near the water. Last we checked we were the ONLY beach front resort of its kind in the Dominican Republic.