A Man in Paradise – A long client testimonial

Tai working on her tan at Blue Paradise DR

A Man in Paradise – A long client testimonial

This came from one of our clients when we asked him about his experience and we thought you would all enjoy hearing about how it works around here:

I decided to book a vacation after careful consideration. I researched & e-mailed various erotic resorts and only Vicky replied exceptionally quick. Vicky provided detailed answers to my specific questions, also including some wonderful photos of the girls I was hoping to meet. At that point, I couldn’t wait to arrive…

I finally made it to Puerto Plata (POP) airport mid afternoon. I was directed to a VIP lounge where I was able to purchase a $10 Tourist Card; while having a cocktail. Such a fun way to be received, there was even a band playing the local music! Once all my documentation was in order, I walked out to see a young man holding a sign with my name. He greeted me courteously, took my carry-on and I followed to the car.

As he opened the door there were 2 beautiful young ladies waiting for me. I was completely shocked and happily surprised (to say the least). They offered me champagne and Dominican cigars, which I gratefully accepted.

Just as I was getting to know and enjoying my new “friends” we arrived at the Blue Paradise Villa, only about 15 min. from the Airport.

Let me tell you, I do not exaggerate when I say this view is spectacular!! I immediately felt ready to officially begin my sex vacation.

Thinking this couldn’t get any better, I was proven wrong. There were even more beauties dancing reggae, topless tanning, and playing in the pool. During this hypnosis, the owner of the Villa introduced himself. I was feeling a bit envious about his job, until we started chatting and realized he’s very personable and inviting, making me feel as though we had been old friends. During my entire stay; whatever I needed, this man made it happen.

Once inside my beach front bungalow, after a hot shower I was famished; the chef made a meal just for me.There’s nothing like enjoying an ocean-front meal with sexy women dancing and playing in the pool.
Needless to say, I immediately made new friends and the party had officially begun. The bartender, Yet another English speaking & all around cool guy kept the drinks flowing. I have never danced and had so much fun in my life!!

I chose my companions and all I can say about the Threesome Experience is W-O-W!! I am a gentleman and can only admit, these ladies really do know how to take care of a man.

The following morning I had a tasty brunch and headed out to a golf game (which Vicky had previously arranged). I had my girls in tow and was the envy of the entire course! We all had a great time and after a quick rendezvous and nap we headed out to the casinos. Every establishment we walked into, it’s like the emperor had arrived. The treatment and customer service is truly incomparable.

My nights were never ending, and my days were complete relaxation. I was extremely sad to go; but happy knowing this was my first, but definitely would not be my last visit to this perfectly named PARADISE!