20 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Marriage

spice it up

It is not uncommon for couples that have been married for a while to experience a dry spell when it comes to sex. People that have been married 20 years or more may have sex infrequently. There are some tips of help to spice up the sex life and bring the passion back to the marriage.

  •  Sexy Questions

To spice things up, a couple can ask some hot questions such as the type of lingerie and places to have sex. This will keep things fun. These questions will also build up the anticipation of the sex that is going to come later. That will allow the company to share their fantasies and get sex on their mind.

  •  Discover Sexuality

Women try to do it all, but it turns out they forget to be sexy. They work, take care of children, and take care of the household. There is not a lot of time left to be hot. This can be depressing. Each partner needs to get in touch with their sexuality and learn how to feel sexy again. They can leave their responsibilities and other roles behind, even for a couple of minutes. Masturbation can also be used to get back in touch with sexuality. This will help each member get in touch with their sexuality and learn what they like and how to please themselves.

  •  Have Some Fun

Sex is supposed to be fun. That is why people enjoy it. The keep to keep an active sex life is to experiment. Sex toys can spice things up and allow sex to become fun once more. It will help push the boundaries and keep things interesting. There are even vibrators that have designed for use by couples. Many other types of toys can also be used to keep the sex life hot.

  •  Be Best Friends

The couple should treat each other like they are best friends. They need to have some fun together and do things as friends. Building a strong personal relationship is very important. This will help them get through the time when they are not intimate with each other. They will still be able to have some fun with each other even when they are not having sex. They will be there for the good times and the bad times. This bond can make things exciting when they do happen.

  •  Small Things Matter

When a couple is looking to be intimate, they should leave some little things around to show that they care. They can move things from a romantic weekend out from their partner to show that this time was exceptional and the feelings are still there. They can also have some other items that show sentimental value and some other thoughtful things.

  •  Foreplay is Not Just For the Bedroom

Foreplay can begin early in the day with some talk about what is going to happen that night. Text messages throughout the day can also be a sign of foreplay. Little hints can also be suggested as the day goes on. This will keep the anticipation of going during the day and make things exciting later on.

  •  Be a Team Player

Even if one person is not in the mood, they should give in and have sex anyway. Every once in a while, it is okay to give in to their needs. They can also make out or engage in intimate touching. This is an excellent compromise to sex, and both people can get some satisfaction out of this. This will make the other person feel valued. Trying some new positions can also make sex more exciting and exciting. New positions and experimentation can be a great way to increase mood and sexual desire.

  •  Remember Earlier Times

A couple should remember why they feel for each other, to begin with. At one time they were attracted to each other and could not get enough of each other. Memories of when they first got together can bring back some of those romantic feelings. It can bring all the emotions of falling in love again. They will remember why they were attracted to each other.

  •  Talk About It

Taking a marriage appraisal is something that can be done to rate the level of satisfaction in the marriage. This is some advice that is recommended by a marriage counselor. They can talk about what they want to do and what the other person is looking for when it comes to pleasure. They can talk about what is going well in the marriage and what they need to work on. This will allow the needs of desires of both partners to be met. This can lead to happiness and better satisfaction with the marriage.

  •  Intimacy is More Than Sex

Some of the most intimate moments in a relationship do not involve sex. Little signs of affection and endearment can mean a lot. Holding hands after all of those years shows that the couple is bonded. This will show that they still have feelings for each other. It is the little touches that count at times. There are several ways to be intimate, besides just having sex.

  •  Get a Hot Tube

This is a way to destress and have additional sex as well. There is something sexy about a hot tub. When people sit in a hot tub, they want to have sex. Sitting in the hot tub will allow the couple to talk. They will be sitting right next to each other and most likely without clothing. Sitting in the hot tub naked can lead to physical attraction. The talking can lead to touching and then more physical activities from there. It is the best naked time to spend together.

  •  Take a Break From Life

When the routine gets to be too much take a break from everyday life. Everyday life can be tedious and can lead to depression even in the bedroom. Rent a hotel room. It does not have to be far away. Even an overnight still will allow the couple to take a break from their everyday life and enjoy being with each other. They can have some time together and take a break from regular life.

  •  Role Play

Role-playing will allow a person to get out of their everyday character and enjoy something new and sexual. There are some many different ways to engage in roleplaying. Some favorite ideas are the wife pretending to be a girlfriend or a mistress. There are many other ideas for role-playing as well. It is a way to add some fun to having sex.

  •  Let Things Go

To be intimate, a couple should work out their issues and let go of past baggage. Living in the present and making go of past hurt will increase intimately. Going over past mistakes is one way to put an end to having sex. Living in the present will allow for new experience and happiness. At some times, the past needs to be kept in the past to enjoy the present.

  •  Show Respect

A couple needs to treat each other with respect. A little connection can go a long way in the relationship. They need to be able to trust each other when it comes to exploring sexual needs. This will also help sure that their needs are met. This will allow sex to be more fun and the relationship to go to the right place.

  •  Pay Attention

When talking to each other, do not to multitask. It is essential to show that their partner is necessary and that they are willing to take the time to listen to their needs. This is very important in a relationship. Focusing on what the other person is saying will help improve the bond. A strong bond will lead to intimacy and sex.

  •  Schedule It

Communicating in this way will help the couple stay connected. It seems there is not enough time in the day for this. It is vital that a couple take the time so they can be together. They can talk and have intimate relations as well. They should schedule a time during the week that they can spend with each other. They can begin talking or doing an activity, and this can lead to sex. While it may seem silly to some to schedule sex with a busy schedule, a couple does need to make some time for each other.

  •  Celebrate Love

Take the time to celebrate things often, and not just once a year. It is the little things in life that can be meaningful. For example, the anniversary can be observed every month and not only once a year. The celebration does not have to be significant as long as the couple is spending time with each other. This will help focus on both the relationship and sex life.

  •  Heat Things Up

To bring sex back to the relationship, it is crucial to use new techniques and love making the combination. Trying something new and exploring new things can bring back the fun, excitement, and passion. New ideas can bring new life to a sex routine that may have gotten boring and predictable. This will help spice up their sex life and keep things going. The couple will want to have sex so they can try something new each time.

  •  Love and Sex is a Journey

Sex is going to change as the relationship matures. There will be new duties added to life, and the couple will grow and age with each other. It should be a time to connect. The connection may get lost over time and will need to be reunited. Having sex should be a time to communicate and build a strong bond at this time.

All of these tips come from real couples that have been married for a least 20 years and have used this advice to put intimacy back into their relationship. These tips can help bring sex back to marriage and make it fun and enjoyable once again.

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