I made my second visit to Blue Paradise the last week of January 2015. What can I say Blue Paradise is an island of Perfection in the DR. The accommodations were impeccable. The food was superb and the service was outstanding. It would be an excellent vacation without the main course. Anytime you can chit chat with the owner means the service is outstanding. The beach and weather were a dream in January. Of course the main course was Utopia. The women were dazzling. They had me in a daze for four nights and five days. The daze is finally wearing off, I am just realizing its May. The memories are so clear. I’ll be back. If you can’t tell, Yes I had a good time.

The perfect couples getaway. We have been to a couple of sex resort to help us keep the spark alive in our marriage, you made my wife and I feel comfortable and not like a couple of weirdos. The environment is very relaxed and it’s apparent everyone is there to enjoy and have fun, and what fun we had!! Great bartender, and the girls are great dancers! made us actually dance and have fun with it ?
Can’t wait to tell our friends about it and hopefully return for an even bigger party.

Best vacation I’ve ever had hands down. From start to finish it’s everything I could want and then some.
I wish I could have stayed longer and not have to go come back to this cold.

Please give my thanks to all that made my stay so great. I will hope to be back soon.

I have traveled to Brazil, Europe and been to many sex resorts. None have exceeded my expectations as this. This is the entire package. From the service to the beach, the girls, even the staff makes you feel right at home. I love Dominican girls and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Please say hello to my special girl. Can’t wait to see her again.​

I’m just back a few days from my dream-like experience at Blue. Unbelievable. It was everything that was promised and a heck of a lot more. Those people down there (staff and young ladies) just don’t know how to say “No you can’t”. This has been a very memorable experience for me. I took a day trip to Puerto Plata with one of the girls while I was down there. Great views and company! Thanks for all your assistance w/ every single one of my questions. I wish Blue Paradise and all its staff only the best.​

Being a first-timer, I came with much curiosity and so much unknown….. I want you guys to know that EVERYTHING about my trip exceeded ANY and ALL of my expectations…….from rooms, to food, to staff…….. I’ve been trying to think of what I would call the best part of your resort……..and for me, it was the friendship, kindness, and casual environment. I did not feel like a “guest”, I felt more like I was part of you, and had known you forever. I felt more like I was at my vacation home, rather than at a resort……….and for me, that was the greatest thing I could ever ask for from a vacation. Please share my thoughts with everyone……they all contributed to a wonderful vacation for me.​

Spent time at BP at the last minute while staying in Cabarete. I’ve been to a couple of other places before so I pretty much was expecting the same experience. I can truly say the manager goes above and beyond to make sure you’re having a good time. The ladies really make you feel like you’re the most interesting man in the world (unlike the other places where all they do is smoke and look at you like they just want you to go away) I don’t know what it is, but BP has IT. Great location. I’ve found a permanent vacation spot.​

This resort delivers. Beginning from my first inquiry and having my questions answered. I had to reschedule twice and they were very accommodating in adjusting to my schedule. Upon arrival all my worries and stress were instantly gone! Oh if I could only stay longer… I can’t stop thinking about that special girl who I hope to see again. Thank you all.​

Recently visited Blue Paradise for a couples only weekend. What an incredible time! It was a wonderful vacation spent re-conecting with my husband, partying non-stop with the ladies and Fredy, as well as making new friends with whom we’re already planning our next trip ? Hugs and Kisses to everyone who took such wonderful care of us!​

This was my first time in Dominican Republic. I am from Japan and didn’t know what to expect. I love everything about the experience and decided to stay one more day. All I could ever have imagined is here. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone again.​

Awesome time, Awesome place. This is a great place they have here!​

I had a great time and appreciate the welcome that I received when I arrived and the attention and great treatment from everyone during the time that I was there.​

I do not think a day has passed since we were in DR when we haven’t enjoyed thinking about that wonderful trip! Both my wife and I were extremely impressed, everyone was outstanding to a person and you run a first class operation. We are planning to return again soon to see all of our new friends.​

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The entire staff was very nice and the girls are unbelievable. I’m glad I chose Blue Paradise this being my first time. I will definitely be going back!​

This was my first time to the DR, and I decided to stay with you Blue Paradise “All Inclusive” Resort. I stayed for seven nights, and the most difficult part of the entire experience was leaving. I will have memories and shocks down my spine every time something inadvertently reminds me of the atmosphere, food, fun, activities, wonderful staff (especially Freddy. He gave just that much more customer service to fulfill my every desires. The DR would not have been the same without him, and I will always consider him a dear friend of mine. www.DanceRadio.es is my new new new station to really get back to life, so f….in’ serious). Most importantly the beautiful, generous, sexy ladies. Amazingly, I felt real powerful connections with them. Over and over and over and over… You get the point. My favorites and I don’t say this lightly are Elicia, Jenny, Sonia, Arlene. It would take some time to figure out the words describing how I feel when I’m with these women, and anyway I gotta board another plane. ​

Thank you for such an amazing experience. Your operation’s outstanding staff, physical location, layout and structures are matched in magnificence only by the management’s thoughtfulness and energy. During our stay I joked with my wife that both of our personality types are inclined to observe an operation and imagine improvements, but in this case we were nearly dumbstruck! Really, you are operating at a sublime level and I can only say keep doing what you are doing. Freddy is great, the girls are great, the chef was superb. As a business owner myself for over 10 yrs I’ve learned that success requires having great people among your staff and associates. Because you made our stay so comfortable we could fully appreciate every wonderful aspect of Blue Paradise. The mornings really stand out, waking up in that beautiful spot with breakfast and pots of coffee waiting, too much! It is genuinely easy writing accolades for BP , I could go on and on… You are rock stars!​

Once again I want to thank you and all of the staff at Blue Paradise for such a great time. The girls were great! All extremely beautiful. I am planing another trip for the end of the year. I love all the girls and look forward to seeing them ALL again, but Lucy has a special place in my heart. I will come back to Blue Paradise just to spend time with her again.​

Thank you for the wonderful introduction to Blue Paradise. I truly enjoyed myself during my short visit. The property is beautiful, the service impeccable and the girls are gorgeous. Please continue to emphasize to the girls to be attentive and affectionate just like they are now. Which is something Carla was the whole time I was there. Even on the way to the airport and bus stop she held onto me. She truly gave me a Girl Friend Experience. I will definitely ask for her when I return.​

I want to thank everyone for the great time I had last week. All of the staff made me very comfortable, from Willie to Freddie to Lionel, and they always wanted my opinion and wanted to know if there was anything that they could do better. Many of the girls were stunning and charming, and there were more than I thought. Jennifer was kind enough to take the initiative to enter my room when I had just left the bar with two other girls, because she knew she had to leave early the next morning and would not see me again. Words cannot describe how touched and impressed I was that she would go out of her way to do that for me, and I hope you can convey to her how deeply I respect and admire her as one whose magnanimity really stood out in that regard. I really appreciated her, even though we never “hooked up.” She was also very patient on several occasions in acting as a translator when my Spanish failed me. What a great person she is. Understandably, I also feel an affinity towards the sweet and fun girls with whom I spent the most time during my stay, and you should know how much they were appreciated as well. I wish I could either visit more often or bring them home with me! I am sure you have heard that before, but I have to show you a couple of pictures and ask you whether you have ever seen such disarming, effervescent, charming girls in your life. I’m sorry to say that many of the pictures on your web site do not do the girls justice. How can you get more gorgeous than these girls? Just look at them! They are beautiful in every way.​

My wife and I recently visited Blue Paradise. This was our first trip to Blue Paradise but 2nd vacation to an “erotic resort”. We would have been very happy to go to the same place we visited on our first trip, but the communication and support from William at Blue Paradise was superb. We took the chance and were very pleased with our decision. The location is truly spectacular. The beach is totally private with spectacular views. The Villas are clean and spacious. The pool area was always clean and well maintained. Top shelf liquor and great food. We arrived at the airport and were picked up by our driver. A couple beer ride to the resort. We got ourselves cleaned up and joined the girls at the pool/bar area. There were 2 other guests already at the resort, while 1 other arrived at the same time as us. The party got started very quickly. The Dominican girls are fabulous. A jacuzzi party began shortly thereafter. There were 8-10 girls, my wife and I and the other gentleman who arrived with us. Lots of alcohol and lots of fun. The night was more of the same. The bartenders, Joshua and Danny are great, as was all the staff. Other than a couple of the girls, they all spoke at least some English making it very easy to communicate. We ventured out with a few of the girls for a couple different excursions. They were very appreciative. Although we had a great time on our last similar vacation, William has taken it a step further. He was always on site. If you needed anything he looked after it (Beer Pong!). Our air conditioner quit one afternoon, and he immediately had us moved to another Villa. Bottom line is we will return soon. All of the girls were amazing. William and his staff have a great thing going.​

As a woman I was quite hesitant to visit a place like this even though I have always been curious. I finally decided to surprise my husband for his birthday and it was a great present not only for him but also for me! I fell in love with the resort and it’s wonderful beach. The girls were wonderful and understanding (I was shy at first). I know next time we visit I will be completely at ease, as for my husband… Happy husband = Happy wife! Thank you Blue!​

I have travelled many times to the Dominican Republic and other similar resorts. The customer service and hospitality is what will keep me coming back to Blue Paradise dr. Everyone at the resort is very nice from the bartender to the chef you are truely pampered here. I must say they offer much more then beautiful women. Feel free to share my comments or let others contact me for past trip experiences. ​

I have recently returned from a pre-Halloween vacation from Blue Paradise. To say I’d hoped to have stayed longer would be an understatement. Time flies when you’re having fun has never been so true. Starting with the great company I had (I wish I could keep her) from the service to the beach and golf. All of the things I love in one place. The manager is an all around nice guy who is always around making sure I was being taken care of. I only wished I would have found this place sooner. I will be back and this time around they will have to kick me out!​

The girls of Blue Paradise, I must admit, know just how to clear your mind from the mundane everyday issues. Coming to Blue Paradise for a sex vacation made me feel like I was in another world altogether. I had the luxury of selecting girls of all varieties and heading to the night clubs in VIP style with the Blue Staff and being surrounded by girls was really something. I want to say thank you and and I’ll be back soon.​

I finally decided to take the plunge and go visit Dominican Republic. It was my first time and I had various resorts in mind. After contacting one of the guests and asking for their advice, I decided to go with Blue Paradise. It was the best decision I made. Even though I’ve never been anywhere else to compare, the young lady I met has convinced me I don’t need to venture elsewhere. I will be back.​

First I want to say ” I love Blue Paradise”. I’ve been home for one month now and I am still thinking about my trip to Blue Paradise. The girls really fullfilled my fanatasies with making love on the beach for the first time to having a foursome with 3 girls. I can honestly say I will never forget my time at Blue and will be back soon.​

This place is exceptional. I wasn’t expecting much since my past experiences with other resorts haven’t been so good. I figured I’d get my money’s worth and I did. These girls treat you like a king! I don’t know if it was bc of my birthday but I intend to go back and find out. Here are some pic’s from the great time!​

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! I really enjoyed hanging out in Cabarete and on the beach with your lovely girls. Freddie is a life saver and an excellent barman. When I first arrived I was so tense, he really helped me break the ice. This was one of the best trips of my life! At the end, I felt like an old friend and a lover. I will have to come back again.​

Best New Years I have ever had. This place is the best for a party. The location, people and the girls made it everything I was expecting and more. Definitely celebrating my next birthday at Blue. Thanks for the good times!​

After a disappointing visit to a similar resort I decided to visit this one. I went with the GFE package and changed to the Threesome because I couldn’t decide on one chica when I got there. The manager went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. This place is well worth it.​

Best trip I’ve taken hands down. Great weather, wonderful location. These girls are amazing, I speak no spanish but they found a way to make me feel comfortable. Had much needed rest until I was ready to party. I’m actually still recovering! Would love to be back…​

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The entire staff was very nice and the girls are unbelievable.
I’m glad I chose Blue Paradise this being my first time. I will definitely be going back!